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Waterpark Vacation Pictures - Avalanche Bay - Boyne Michigan

avalanche_bayAvalanche Bay waterpark in Boyne Michigan is another really cool waterpark.

They have a boogie board ride that I went on and great waterslides. I like Avalanche Bay in Boyne Michigan because its right at the ski lodge. You can go to the waterpark for a while, and go snowboarding or skiing later.

They also have a nice tubing run. Boyne Mountain ski lodge also lets kids 8 years old and under ski free - what a great deal.


Jack Russell - The Best Dogs In the World

Jack Russell TerrierI just got a new puppy. Her name is Sophie and she loves to run and jump and get all kinds of crazy!!

Her favorite snack is her rawhides and she HATES the vaccume cleaner!!



toledo_zooThe Toledo Zoo has lots of really cool animals - I like the Gorillas.